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some of the things I read while eating breakfast in antisocial isolation


This morning turned out to be a colossal waste of my time.

I took my elderly parents to lunch about ten days ago. I wanted the car to look nice. It had a lot of bird droppings on the rear hatch, so I took it to a self-service car wash and made it look pretty again.

While driving to pick up my parents, a tone sounded, a gold key/wi-fi icon lit on the dash and a message to have the keyless entry system serviced appeared.

I made an appointment online with the dealer, Larry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Ram FIAT Denver, to have the car serviced. At the time the car had about 6,000 miles on it.

My appointment was for 7:30 this morning.

At that appointment I was informed that they would need to keep my car for up to six days to diagnose and possibly repair. I was also told that the dealer did not have a loaner vehicle, but I might be able to get Chrysler to pay for a rental car if I called Chrysler Customer Care.

The first time I called I was curtly told I needed to have my VIN number. The dealer had my car in the garage so I ended the call.

I called again and described the warning the car was intermittently displaying, and told the agent that the dealer said they needed the car for up to six days to diagnose and repair, and that I was sixty miles from my home and I didn’t have a ride home. The agent hung up on me and I was directed to a customer satisfaction survey.

I called a third time. Different agent, same response.

I asked the service tech if I could speak to his manager, Lisa Rondina.

Ms Rondina explained that Chrysler would cover the cost of a rental car if it was determined that there was a warranty issue at hand. She also told me to keep calling Chrysler Customer Care until I reached someone willing to open a case for me.

I took my car key back and I drove home.

I am not willing to call Chrysler Customer Care again. Instead, I am writing you this letter, with a copy being sent to the dealership’s general manager.

I tried to call the dealer to make a service appointment. The phone went unanswered.

I went to the dealer’s website and made an appointment online, selecting an option that the car needed to be diagnosed. Nowhere during the process of making the appointment was I informed that I would have to leave the car for up to six days and that I would be responsible to secure a rental car.

I had anticipated that the dealer would put their code reader onto the car, find there was a fault with the proximity sensor for the rear hatch because it had gotten wet and would do whatever it takes to make the fault go away. I assumed this would be a warranty issue because said sensor should never have gotten wet in the first place. I further assumed all of this would have happened today.

When I made the appointment I gave a detailed description of what I thought was wrong and why it had happened. The dealer should have been prepared, with parts on hand, to repair my car. Instead I was informed they needed my car for nearly a week so they could play a game of finger-pointing with Chrysler over who will pay for a design flaw and/or installation error.

To remedy this, I do not wish to work with this dealer again. I live across the road from Prestige Dodge in Longmont, Colorado. I bought a Jeep Renegade from them in 2020. In 2023 I traded that Jeep Renegade for what is essentially a Jeep Renegade. My 2022 FIAT 500X is a Jeep and it uses Jeep Parts. Please allow Prestige Dodge to do warranty work on my car.

My 2022 FIAT 500X has the Yacht Club Capri trim. The last eight characters of the VIN is NP654321. I am otherwise absolutely delighted with my car. It was only the second time my parents had ridden in my new car and I really did want it to look nice. I really didn’t want it to go “GONG” every time I rolled to a stop. I’ve been living with it as an intermittent problem for a couple of weeks now.

Hopefully you’ll see fit to have Prestige Dodge look at and fix my car without putting me through another 120-mile Alice in Wonderland ordeal in rush-hour traffic.

Brooklyn’s ‘River Hag’ Searches for Life in One of America’s Most Toxic Waterways

Greenpoint’s Newtown Creek was the site of one of the worst oil spills in U.S. history.

Karolina Zaniesienko routinely catches baby fish, including black bass and flounder. Embiggenable. Explore at home.

KAROLINA ZANIESLENKO SINKS A HAND INTO into the gunmetal gray ooze lodged in a gap in the pavement. The thick, yellow dishwashing gloves, she explains wryly, are, “because I don’t want to get sepsis.” We’re standing at the northernmost tip of Greenpoint at the edge of Newtown Creek, a narrow body of water that runs between Brooklyn and Queens for 3.8 miles before it meets New York’s East River. Behind us looms a wastewater treatment plant and, in front of it, an immense barge loaded with trash. An ominous, iridescent shimmer lingers in the places where the water stagnates.

Upon closer inspection, a series of bumps in the muck reveal themselves to be mussels, maws agape. Zaniesienko gently pries a fistful of mollusks free, then places them in one of the five-gallon buckets in her pull cart. After she’s loaded up, we wander in search of other jerry-rigged bucket traps, today baited with instant ramen noodles.

Karolina Zaniesienko, self-declared ‘River Hag,’ watches over her neighborhood waterway.

What started as a casual hobby has grown in scope, to the point where a friend declared her a “genuine river hag.” Zaniesienko, who has lived in Greenpoint for 40 years and bartends in the neighborhood, is not a trained biologist, but she is one of the most knowledgeable people about one of the most polluted waterways in the United States (Ed. Just in case you need things to do). Since November 2022, she’s gone out almost daily with a set of makeshift traps—a specimen collection project she calls “fishing.”

It’s her euphemism for searching for life in the wreckage of more than a century of man-made ecological neglect and abuse. By the mid-1800s, Newtown Creek was a free-for-all dumping ground for the factories lining its banks. The Peter van Iderstine Plant was especially infamous for disposing of processed animal carcasses, including the remnants of an entire circus elephant.

Does Decency Matter?

In the Fog of War or in politics

I’m sorry. I promised to tread lightly on political discussions in 2024. It’s weeks into the new year, and that resolution is already on thin ice.

The war of “conservative” and “progressive” ideologies in recent years is just too much.

Conservatives of 1986 would have fought like hell for Ukrainian independence. Conservatives of 2023 seemingly are offering up the Ukrainian people to Russian re-education camps in exchange for lower taxes on wealthy Americans.

Progressives of earlier eras would have fought mightily for the right to free and open speech. Progressive ears in recent years are too sensitive to hear both sides of many stories in public places.

I have no energy for the ideological claptrap of capitalism, socialism, Marxism, and liberalism.

I am, however, thinking more about old-fashioned, fuzzy concepts like decency: a communal respect for everyone’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…not just to the whiff of a chance at them.

The American Ties to the Nazi Party: More than you might think

Why the Neo-Nazis Are So Welcome Here

The origin of the Nazi Party sounds very much like the founding of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). A bunch of Germans gathered in a beer hall and lamented the fall of Germany during World War 1. They formed a social group called the German Workers Party to complain about their fates and blame others for Germany’s defeat. They promoted the “stab-in-the-back” conspiracy theory that Germany didn’t lose on the battlefield but that it was Jews and those who signed the Armistice of November 11, 1918, that caused Germany’s downfall.

The original members of the German Workers Party had their version of the “Lost Cause” adopted by the South after the Civil War in America. The KKK in America didn’t sprout wings until they got a charismatic leader, Nathan Bedford Forrest, who expanded the Klan to 40,000 in its early years. The German Workers Party got Adolf Hitler and changed their name to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), more commonly called the Nazi Party.

The Nazis weren’t content to keep their hatred of others in Germany. People of German ancestry worldwide were encouraged to praise “German values.” In America, the Amerikadeutscher Volksbund, better known as the German Bund, was formed in 1936. They considered themselves patriotic Americans of German stock. The Bund soon had 70 divisions across the United States and created 20 youth and training camps.

In 1937, over 1,000 men wearing uniforms and swastikas marched by a New Jersey reviewing stand while celebrating the opening of a 100-acre camp in Sussex Hills. Guests included Italian-American Facists who addressed the Bund as “Nazi Friends.”

By 1939, The German Bund filled Madison Square Garden with 20,000 strong. The American version of the Nazi Party was entrenched throughout America, from coast to coast and in the Midwest as well.

A Mel Brooks Short Film Was the Original ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’

Mel Brooks is obviously one of the most highly-influential comic minds of all-time — from his seminal 2000 Year Old Man routine with Carl Reiner, to the boundary-pushing satire The Producers, to Spaceballs, the science-fiction epic that inspired Star Wars (or some parts of Star Wars, at least). But one Brooks-helmed project doesn’t get quite enough credit for its comedic significance: the 1963 Oscar-winning animated short film The Critic (not to be confused with the Jon Lovitz series of the same name).

The inspiration for The Critic first came to Brooks when the young comedy writer went to the movies, attending a screening that included an experimental animated short by Canadian artist Norman McLaren.

In the same theater, a disgruntled patron became audibly annoyed at the abstract squiggle movie’s lack of plot. As Brooks later recounted, “Three rows behind me there was an old immigrant man mumbling to himself. He was very unhappy, because he was waiting for a story line and he wasn’t getting one.”

Brooks relayed the experience to his friend, animator Ernie Pintoff, and the two decided to recreate the experience by producing a McLaren-esque animation and pairing it with a soundtrack containing the angry murmurings of a confused old man, to be played by Brooks. Pintoff took care of the animation, and Brooks insisted that he not look at a frame of it until his recording session. “Don’t let me see the images in advance,” he told his collaborator. “Just give me a mike and let them assault me.” Brooks fully ad-libbed his part, improvising what he thought the old man “would have mumbled, trying to find a plot in this maze of abstractions.”

The film was lauded by critics, probably because it so hilariously illustrated the cultural gulf between older and younger generations, which would only become more pronounced as the decade progressed.

Christian Persecution

Excommunicated Spinoza, 1907 painting by Samuel Hirszenberg.

Pastor Alistair Begg has been on the receiving end of a total shit-storm that descended and proceeded to grind him down, crush him, and then purge him.


He is a traditional Conservative Christian pastor that recently advised his radio listeners that it was OK to attend a transgender wedding. When other conservative christians became aware of this shocking “crime”, it triggered considerable pushback. What then happened to him was his punishment for the Christian “crime” of not being sufficiently bigoted enough.

So yes, this is not a posting about the persecution of Christians by others, but instead is about the persecuting these “loving tolerant” folks do to each other when they discover that one of the “redeemed” has not been sufficiently obnoxious and intolerant enough.

I’ll soon tell you more about what happened to Pastor Begg, but first, before we go there, let’s mull over what goes on inside some Christian micro-cultures so that you can appreciate why stuff like this happens.

CAUTION: Some language may not be appropriate for work or children.

Here’s me commentary on that top sheila breaking into her own house and becoming topless. Boy oh boy this was a lot of keyframing to protect the payload ay. Cheers, Ozzy Man

Maru’s face is so fluffy that Hana often uses his face as a pillow.

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From GRID To AIDS: Beginning My Career as AIDS Hit San Francisco

With deepest gratitude to the young men who allowed me into their lives until their tragic deaths.


July, early 1980s, San Francisco.

A month before my 25th birthday, I began my clinical training in mental health. I was doing a rotation in a crisis clinic, a small psych emergency room affiliated with a larger hospital. I was eager to get out of the classroom and start working with clients.

I had no idea that the nation’s health care community was at a crossroads, entirely unprepared for what was about to unfold.

Within a few weeks, we began to see a new presentation, which quickly developed into a pattern. A young man would be brought in, overtly psychotic or confused and delirious. We’d ask questions and find out that he had a steady job, a strong friendship group, sometimes a partner, and no psych history.

Further questions would rule out recreational drugs as the cause. He’d also have a recent medical history that made no sense — sometimes a rare form of cancer, sometimes terrible skin lesions, sometimes a parasite only seen in sheep. He would have lost an alarming amount of weight in a startlingly short period of time. He would be in his 20s and gay.

He was a healthy young man who was inexplicably dying.

Initially, we didn’t understand the cause (single agent? combination?), or how the virus was transmitted (sexual contact? airborne? insect bite?).

Until that point, “safe sex” meant preventing pregnancy; the idea of gay men using “protection” during sex was ludicrous. As the medical community realized that HIV was sexually transmitted, many people put up huge resistance to precautions like using condoms and closing the famous San Francisco bath houses.

With our nation’s bruised history of homophobia, with self-proclaimed religious leaders ranting that AIDS was a “scourge” from God, folks in the gay community understandably wondered if these “protective measures” were actually the next bigoted attempts to shut down gay sex.

Ed. More tomorrow? Possibly. Probably. Maybe. Likely, if I find nothing more barely uninteresting at all to do.

Ed., etc. I didn’t have time to do this today.


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